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The Hastings Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and Hastings Economic Development Corporation have partnered with Hanna: Keelan Associates of Lincoln to conduct  the following survey to determine both present and future housing needs during the next five years.  An important activity of the Housing Study is to ask you, a local resident, about the housing needs of your Community. Please complete the Survey by FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH, 2016.

Hastings Citizen Housing Survey

The Hastings Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and Hastings Economic Development Corporation, in cooperation with major employers in the Hastings Area, is conducting the following survey to determine the specific renter and owner housing needs of the area's workforce. We would appreciate you completing and returning the following Survey to your employer by WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6TH, 2016.

Hastings Workforce Housing Needs Survey


The Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) was established by the Hastings City Council in March of 1987 and is charged with the conservation and rehabilitation of substandard or blighted areas within the City. The Authority is a five member board appointed to serve by the Mayor and City Council and may exercise all of the power and authority granted by State Statutes. The CRA meets the third Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon at the Chamber Development Center located at 301 S. Burlington.

The Authority utilizes several development tools to assist developers with commercial, industrial or residential projects within the thirteen redevelopment areas it serves. Projects applying for CRA assistance must qualify by meeting certain criteria.

  • The project must be located within an existing redevelopment area or an area eligible for a designation of blight as set forth by State Statute.
  • The project must be located within a redevelopment area prior to the preparation of a Redevelopment Plan.
  • The project must further the objectives of the City's Redevelopment Plan for the area as well as the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Over the past three decades CRA projects have added over $50,000,000 in new valuation to the community and assisted with the construction of over 400 affordable housing units.

Visit the Community Redevelopment Authority website.

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