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Lunch & Learn

What Lunch & Learn Is...

At its simplest, a Lunch & Learn program is a training or development event occasionally scheduled during the lunch hour or lunch period.

Lunch & Learn training is usually less formal and less structured than traditional training events. The topics must be interesting to make the time investment worthwhile for employees, and conducive to a short, hour-long training program. Typical Lunch & Learn training programs include:

  • Cross-Training
  • Product Training
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development
  • Diversity Activities
  • Life Skills

Do you have a topic that you would like to educate the membership on?

lunch and learn fb event banner

Lunch & Learn standard practice:

Chamber will:
• Provide Venue (Chamber Conference Room)
• Advertise to Chamber membership

Presenter will:
• Pay for advertising package ($150 for 4 email blasts & social media event & post)
• Registration
• Order food
• Check-in people for the event
• Provide all learning materials
• Present to attendees

For more information contact Nichole Felber

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