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The Ambassadors is a group of 25 Chamber of Commerce supporters who have volunteered to serve the Chamber in a variety of ways. The two main responsibilities are Retention and Recruitment.

Retention: Each Ambassador will be assigned a new member to contact once a month. During this personal contact you will have questions to ask, a list of upcoming events that you can go over and personally invite them to come to. Once you have contacted the new member you will document it and return the information to Nichole by the next month’s meeting.

Recruitment: You will be responsible to bring in one new chamber member a year. You will go through an orientation class on how to do this and be given information on the dues structure. If you fail to recruit a new member the group could ask you to resign.

Ambassadors pay an annual membership fee of $65.00 that is payable in January.

Ambassadors have a monthly meeting that is held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 am and is held at the Chamber Development Center.

Ambassadors are required to keep a minimum of 60% attendance rate. Events to attend are Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Opening, Ground Breakings, Business after Hours and Business before Hours. At all events your attendance will be recorded. If you fail to keep a 40% attendance rate you will be contacted by a member of the Executive Council. Other events the Ambassadors are asked to assist with are; The Annual Meeting in February, the Ag Barbecue in November and Operation Thank You in September.

Ambassadors do have the option of wearing a red blazer, red polo or red sweater/shawl (which the ambassador will purchase) and nametags are provided.

Contact Nichole Felber for more information.

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