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Rules & Eligibility

Tournament Rules & Regulations

  1. Elite divisions will play under NCAA rules. Other divisions will play under NSAA rules, with few exceptions.
  2. Players may enter the lane at the release of free-throw shot.
  3. Play must begin exactly at the scheduled time, unless behind schedule, or a forfeit will occur.
  4. Each game will be assigned two paid officials, in some cases three will be available.
  5. Teams will play 20 minute halves or 40 minutes of basketball. The clock will be stopped only in the last minute of each half. Overtime will be 4 minutes long with the clock stopping in the last minute of the overtime period.
  6. Bonus situations will take effect on the 7th team foul.
  7. Men's & Women's Elite divisions will get 6 personal fouls.
  8. Players must check in with the scorekeeper in order for substitution to occur.
  9. Each team will be allowed 4 (one minute) time outs per game to be used at their discretion.
  10. No dunking in warm-ups. Dunking allowed in games per gym rules.
  11. Each team must provide own balls for warm-ups. The game ball will be selected by the referee from the warm-up balls provided by each team. (Tournament not responsible for lost balls)
  12. Participants play at own risk. Whoopers & Hoopers nor anyone else will be responsible for accidents on the tournament premises.
  13. Each team member entered in the Whoopers & Hoopers Tournament must sign the waiver against all accidental claims BEFORE participating in the first game. Any player who does not sign will be disqualified.
  14. Any damage to court facility or backboards and rims will result in team's responsibility to reimburse any locations involved.
  15. Tournament Headquarters will offer concessions and tournament souvenirs. The rules of each facility apply in regards to outside food and drink.
  16. There will be NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES within any of the tournament sites. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.
  17. Any player bleeding or with blood on their jersey will be removed from the game immediately and shall not be allowed back in play until the problem is corrected.
  18. Vulgar language will not be tolerated and a technical foul will be given.
  19. Tournament ejections are dependent on the severity of the technical fouls and can be made at the discretion of the protest committee. The Protest Committee also has the authority to increase the severity of the penatly. All game ejections could lead to tournament ejection, depending on the severity of the technical fouls.
  20. Team rosters must be filled out correctly prior to each game, all players and their numbers must be listed prior to tip off. If there are errors on the roster the team will be given a technical foul which will be charged to their total fouls. The opposing team will get two free throws and the ball and the possession arrow will be flipped to the other direction.

General Format

The format will consist of a Men's Elite, B, C, D1, D2, Men's 40+, Women's Elite, B & C Divisions. Each team will be paired in an equally challenging division. This is a single-elimination-consolation tournament, everyone will be guaranteed at least two games.  If you win the first game you must continue to win in order for your team to advance in the tournament. If you lose your first game, your team will advance to the losers bracket and must win to continue. ONLY the Men's & Women's Elite and 'B' divisions will be double elimination championship tournaments.


High School students are not permitted.

No college underclassmen are permitted who have participated most recently at a competitive inter-collegiate level during this year and previous basketball season.

College senior athletes who have participated this season in inter-collegiate may participate on Elite Division teams only.

College students associated with intramural programs and red shirts who were part of any organized team that did not play competitively or earn a varsity letter are both eligible. Europe, AAU, CBA or NBA players are allowed.

Players may only play on one team, any player found to be playing on more than one team will get both teams disqualified from the rest of the tournament.

If a player is found to be ineligible the player will be removed from the tournament and the team must forfeit all games the illegal player played in.

Please notify tournament staff of possible ineligible players.

Exceptions to eligibility may be granted by tournament directors.

No more than 10 players to a team. 



The Elite divisions are required to wear uniforms with matching tops and are recommended matching bottoms as well. All other participants must wear same color jerseys with minimum of 6 inch numerals on front or back. Reversible jerseys or another color of jersey may be needed in case of opponents having the same color.


All players must present their tournament pass. Tournament player passes will be provided for each player at the time of registration at your first game. Players Pass must be presented at each gym site. Passes can be purchased at gym locations for spectators. Spectators will not be allowed in on a player pass. Passes are not valid for admission to the player party.

Prize Money & Awards

Each division will receive a First, Second & Third place award. There will be an MVP selected from each division. The Elite divisions have a $5,100 cash prize purse awarded to the first thru third place finishers. Men's Elite First Place team receives $2,000, Second Place team receives $1,250 and the Third Place Team receives $750. A minimum of 12 teams are required for the Men's Elite Division. Women's Elite First Place team receives $800, Second Place team receives $500 and the Third Place team receives $300. A minimum of 8 teams are required for the Women's Elite division. Refund Policy: All entry fees submitted are non-refundable. If inclement weather occurs, the games will continue and no refund will be given.

Whoopers Rights

Due to the Invitational right of this tournament Whoopers & Hoopers Tournament reserves the right to accept or decline any individual or team that does not honor & fulfill eligibility requirements and by-laws of this tournament. Past performance or behavior may prohibit players or teams from entering the tournament.

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