Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce

Honorary Ambassadors

Honorary Ambassadors is a membership of former Chamber Ambassadors that would like to continue their support without being an active member of the group.

2020 Group Members

Dan Anderson - 25 years as an Ambassador
Tim Jacobi - 20+ years as an Ambassador
Bob Foote - 14 years as an Ambassador

Honorary Ambassador Requirements
  • Must have served as an ambassador for 10 years
  • No fees or attendance requirements
  • They will need to provide a bio of all the things they were part of and participated in with the Chamber/Ambassadors during their tenor
  • Years of service
  • We will provide a name tag for them…unless they still have theirs.
  • They can purchase a red coat, Polo, Sweater to identify themselves if they want…. Not required (if they do not still have one)
  • Must be a member in good standing with a company or on their own
  • “Help keep and build the tradition of the Chamber”
  • “Be part of the future”
  • They will receive emails of upcoming events (if they do not already) and they can choose not to receive them if they want
  • They will be listed on the Chamber website along with the current Ambassadors
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Mary Lanning Healthcare
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